Inheritance and probate in Spain and Italy

Last modified
6 June, 2024

Making a Will, Dealing with inherited property

  • Spanish and Italian Wills
  • Inheritance tax

I can help you if you already have a UK Will but plan to have another for the properties located in Spain and Italy. I can also help smooth the process if you are about to commence or are already involved a in a hereditary process in Spain and Italy.

My assistance covers the following services

  • Investigating the existence of a will and a life insurance coverage abroad.
  • Retrieve an authorized copy of the will from the public notary
  • Locate assets and indetify liabilities life related to the estate
  • Advising on the drafting of the will
  • Making the heirs' declarations
  • Lodging the inheritance tax return
  • Entry of the in the land registers abroad.

For any other not listed service, please contact my office in Belfast for a confidential discussion.