Buy an abandoned house in Italy

Italian houses to be sold for 1 euro

Last modified
10 June, 2024

The town council of Gangi in Sicily is welcoming applications from any person or business interested in buying abandoned houses.

Key Takeaways

  • Cheap properties in Italy
  • For housing and business
  • Refurbishment works have to be completed in two years

Many town councils in Italy are welcoming applications from persons or business interested in buying abandoned houses or properties for a price of 1 euro.

The properties have been donated by former owners to the town councils and most of them have not been used for many years, needing major or structural works.

The puchase operation of an abandon property in Italy, at the value of 1 euro, implies a proper administrative procedure before the town council where the property is located.

It also requires that the prospective buyer commits himself or herself to carry out a refurbishing plan for a minimum value comprised between 20.000 and 30.000 euro, as well as undertakes not to alienate the property for a certain numbers of years. ( normally 5 years ).

If you are interested in buying a house of a property for a price of one euro in Italy, I could help you through all the whole process, from the submission of the offer upon completion of the purchase operation, for the price of 500 pounds.

For an additional fee I could assist you in obtaining the Italian residence permit and have your pension transferred or paid in Italy. This means that your pension will be subject to only 7% of taxation, one of the lowest of Europe.

If you need fadditional information, please do not hesitate to call me on this number  028 9043 4545 or email me at : [email protected]

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