Problems with Spanish squatters

Problems with Spanish squatters

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10 June, 2024

property in Spain- UK(NI) owner - conviction again the Spanish squatters - regained possession - office in Belfast,

Key Takeaways

  • Squatters in Spain convicted
  • NI owner regained possession

My office in Belfast secured a conviction for the crime of "usurpacion de vivienda" against a Spanish citizen illegally occupying a property owned by a NI resident. The appeal brought by the squatter was refused by the Appeal Court of Elche and the decision in favor of the owner upheld. 

The client was able to arrange an appointment and instruct me in Belfast without the need and the stress to fly to Spain or meeting the professional over zoom. Regular meetings were held in my office in Belfast to update the client about the progress of the Spanish proceedings. 

If you have a similar problem with a property in Spain, call the office ( 0759 777 3886) for a confidential discussion.


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